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Published:December 17th, 2012 11:38 EST
Pre-Christmas Thought About the Differences Between Religion, Faith, and War

Pre-Christmas Thought About the Differences Between Religion, Faith, and War

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


A pre-Christmas thought about the differences between religion, faith, and War. 

Comedian George Carlin claimed Religion is Bullsh!t. He makes a number of witty points and jokes at religions and perhaps at God`s expense. Yet, I think God would approve of George`s comments, as it is an OpEd approach to get people thinking.  

George was a very fast and smart man. Perhaps George Carlin`s view of society was a bit faster, and had the ability to see through the BS. While he was obviously at odds with societies mass delusions and perspectives of God and humanity chose to educate by turning those situations into wise-wit, as opposed to conforming to pompous piety.  

He easily recognized that those that chose religion based their arguments and willingness to fight and/or die for their beliefs of God and that God has been invoked in the death and destruction of multitudes all throughout history.  

People pass down a  `Historical Text` written by men that wrote about God as they saw him at that point in time and now people interpret that as ways to create more bad than good in the world. Should we not question delusional aspects of any religious text, which ultimately has a self-fulfilling prophecy of destruction of humanity as crazy. Can we not see that a clash of religious ideologies that simple believe in God is wrong and contrary to anything that a just and true God would wish upon humanity? I feel fortunate as my education and interest in Diplomacy and International Commerce has introduced the study of many cultures, religious text such as the Torah, the Bible, the Koran, and a host of other such religious philosophies, and cultural historical documents from around the world. 

I clearly recognize that religion is nothing more than a polarized opinion that you are right and the other is wrong. It has little to nothing to do with God, as God did not write a single word in either of those texts. I can hear the God Inspired argument now.  

My thoughts to the God Inspired argument would be; While God may have had a hand in putting us on Earth, and provided us with everything that we need to grow and develop this Heavenly Planet. I highly doubt he would write a set of rules that divides jealous and destructive beliefs in him.  

I also highly doubt that God would encourage Cultural Religion, and Historical special interest to win out over that of simple Faith in God and/or love for Humanity. I also think that God would be quite disappointed in the misguided mass delusions that have led to so much death and destruction throughout history in the name of God.

We must recognize that Humanity has been misguided many times throughout history. We have documented proof of political leadership with the intent to misguide has used God for special interest. We clearly know that people and great societies have used religious text as the primary tool for educators, and by parents, and them from theirs. 

We should also recognize that our religious text, and philosophies were passed down through the generations, and they could very well have a number of flaws, and wrongs in them. Perhaps Religion is Bullsh!t like George Carlin says, and that the religious text and philosophies have been misinterpreted, and/or use to misguide humanity down bloody paths of destruction and have set the world on a path of self destruction.  

To get a clear grasp that what we think we know might be Bullsh!t, we must simply recognize that not long ago millions of people thought the Earth was flat, and that the Sun revolved around the Earth. We must also recognize that this was the teachings from the same people that were writing and translating the religious text that you are now believing to be the word of God. 

So, be open to God and Humanity, but question blasphemous beliefs that God did not write. Have Faith and simply be human, respect humanity, respect each other, help each other, nation help nation, and before long we might just be worthy of God. 

Thank you, and I hope this OpEd gets you thinking and offering solutions as opposed to a continued belief in pompous piety that has the world on a self fulfilling prophecy of destruction. With that said, I offer my belief in a God that we humans are not worthy of understanding yet, and I would like to offer my thoughts, and beliefs in science as a way to help us bridge the gaps between faith, and evolutionary facts.