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Published:December 19th, 2012 13:00 EST

Lindsay Lohan Seeking Help From Spiritual Guru! Sign of The End Times?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After reportedly punching a psychic in a night club, Lindsay Lohan is said to be desperately seeking help from another enlightened being. Ironic?

In an attempt to avoid jail time due to her probation violation, Linz is said to be enlisting her spiritual guru in order to convince the judge that jail`s not the best option for her."


New York Post

Lindsay Lohan`s karma is already damaged beyond repair; she shouldn`t worry that she might be reincarnated as a fire plug or do jail time because she punched a psychic.

Girlfriend, that woman you hit is a fraud, if she were a real psychic, she would have seen the punch coming, and deflected the blow.

But it`s not a bad idea to cloak yourself in religiosity, some judges fall for that kind of malarkey. I would advise LiLo to dress like a nun and speak in tongues when she faces her judge.

I`m surprised Lohan has a spiritual guru on retainer, what kind of a spiritual advisor would want that kind of notoriety? That`s like a noted televangelist confessing that he`s a spiritual guru to a serial killer.

I`m afraid that even if LiLo brought back Mother Teresa from the dead, and convinced her to be a character witness on her behalf, that the troubled starlet is still going to end up behind bars.

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