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Published:December 21st, 2012 11:54 EST

Simon Cowell Is Dating Carmen Electra! Performance Art?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"British TV personality Simon Cowell confirmed he is dating actress-model Carmen Electra, but he insisted the relationship isn`t serious."



Carmen Electra`s specialty is making cameo appearances in parody films like  `Scary Movie` and  `Date Movie.` Electra`s real life is basically a parody of a bimbo. In fact, even Electra`s name is a parody of a bimbo`s name.

Simon Cowell may be many things, most of them not printable in this family-friendly Web site, but he`s not an idiot. There is zero chance that the acerbic and witty Cowell is engaged in a serious relationship with Electra.

Cowell isn`t dating Electra for the stimulating conversation about the merits of string theory versus loop quantum gravity.

I doubt that Cowell is heterosexual, so why the hell is he dating Electra?

I think Cowell is branching out into performance art; dating Electra is a brilliant work of performance art.

The American version of the X Factor is a colossal flop, but what the hell I`m impressed by Cowell as a performance artist.

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