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Published:December 25th, 2012 18:24 EST

A Lot Of Cheaters Are Busted During Christmas

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A British divorce lawyer says Christmas Day is the top day for text message bustings of unfaithful spouses.

Ayesha Vardag said she has noticed Christmas Day has become the most popular day of the year for suspicious spouses to conduct the "text message bustings` by finding messages sent to or from an unfaithful significant other, The Daily Telegraph reported Tuesday."



Christmas is a wonderful time of the year when everybody is full of good will, and even the mother-in-law is invited to the family dinner.

Husband and wife kiss each other under the mistletoe, and even grandma and grandpa peck each other on the cheek.

Christmas a time for faith and family, and a great opportunity for married folks to cheat with co-workers at the company holiday dinner.

During Christmas good old dad drinks too much eggnog and leaves his cell phone on the coffee table while his mistress sends him text messages of good will and good sex.

Dude, Xmas is an awful time to be caught cheating, keep things on the down low during the holidays.

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