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Published:December 27th, 2012 09:57 EST

Study: Expressing Anger Can Add 2 Years To Your Lifespan

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If you`re angry, for the benefit of your health, you need to let it all out, according to a new study that revealed that being hot-tempered and expressing your anger could be a key to enjoying a long and healthy life.


Researchers Marcus Mund and Kristin Mitte at the University of Jena in Germany claim that the latest findings may explain why the hotheaded Italians and Spanish live almost two years longer than the cool English who  `keep calm and carry on`."


The results of these quacks can lead an unbalanced individual to conclude that it`s OK to make generalizations about nationalities. If the Italians are hotheaded, are the Chinese inscrutable and intelligent and the Germans cold and calculating? Will a racist live a couple of more years if he vents against the criminal and stupid Nigerians?

I wouldn`t mind living a few more years if time froze during the prime of my life, but who the hell wants to live a couple more years when your body and mind are falling apart once you hit your 60`s?

It`s a good thing to once in a while open your window and scream at the world "I`m mad as hell and I`m not going to take it anymore," regardless if it adds years to your life or not.

But for the most part you`re better off not sweating the small stuff. Dude just chill, smoke some weed, and you will be all right.


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