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Published:January 4th, 2013 11:25 EST

'Fortunate' The Cat Recovers From 80-Foot Drop

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Veterinarians in Massachusetts said a cat is recovering from pulled muscles after falling 80 feet from a tree.

Dr. Rachel Francis of the Marion Animal Hospital said Wednesday the cat, dubbed  `Fortunate,`is receiving treatment for pulled muscles and a possible parasitic infection after she was trapped Tuesday, two days after she fell 80 feet from a tree when firefighters cut the branch she was perched on in a rescue attempt."



That should teach the poor thing not to be such a fraidy cat, just cut the branch that the feline was perched on and let it fall 80 feet to the ground.

Do these fearless firefighters pull a victim from a burning house through a jagged broken window? If my cat climbs up a tree, I would just wait for her to climb down on her accord instead of relying on the tender ministrations of these firefighters.

The cat is doing remarkably well considering she fell 80 feet from the tree, I`d expect her to be suffering from more than just a few pulled muscles.

Fortunate will need a owner who is willing to nurse her back to health, and hopefully someone who won`t let her climb any more trees.

Fortunate must have at least one life left, and she will bring many years of happiness to a cat lover.

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