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Published:January 6th, 2013 19:49 EST
Al Assad Represents the Word of God in Syria?

Al Assad Represents the Word of God in Syria?

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.

I highly doubt Al Assad represents the word of God in Syria after such Devilish Deeds of death and destruction over the past two years that he unleashed upon unarmed innocent civilians within Syrian Cities that we all have been witness to.


Al Assad`s televised captive special interest arena audience vs. hundreds of thousands in multiple Refugee Camps that could fill the arena hundreds of times over that are just crying out to be heard. Where is the leadership that will speak and give hope to those camps? Where is the opposition to show the world that they too can fill grand halls many times over with Anti-Al Assad voices.


Over two years ago, I saw Syrian President Al Assad give a Pep-Rally address to a room full of cheering people as he did again Sunday, January 06, 2013. He basically, said the same thing then as now; blaming external conspiracies as opposed to accepting that his internal Dictatorial policies have failed.


While the world debates Al Assad`s attempt to spin his olive branch speech while having his military destroy the lives of anyone willing to question him. He and his special interest supporters are making their last ditch effort to cling to their dominating power over the military force, while the innocent hundreds of thousands of refugees have no voice. I think Russia and China clearly see this and are beginning to back away from his support. Iran will most likely continue to support as they have a great kinship in his policies that are not far from Dictatorial as the Supreme Religious Leader is a Dictator in disguise.


The hundreds of thousands of Syrian War Refugees that could fill the speech hall more than 200 times had a voice, I am sure that they would share their anger for much more than simple Democracy and the wanting of a Constitutional Vote, and a Representative Voice over that of the Al Assad Dictatorship. They would share the stories of their once hopes and dreams and the sadness of seeing those hopes and dreams diminish due to the Devilish deeds of Al Assad.


Their heartfelt talking points would be that of being directly in the middle of more than Sixty Thousand dead and how their families, loved ones and friends` hopes and dreams were destroyed by Al Assad directed Air, Tank and Mortar attacks on their civilian cities in a forceful attempt to maintain a dying Devilish Dictatorial regime.


The Opposition Leadership has called hundreds, if not thousands of group meetings within the camps, and the Opposition Leadership has heard the horrific stories, and can honestly and justly stand in front of the world and before God and be a voice calling for change. The International Media has to do little more than go to the War Refugee camps and listen to the rising voices for groups of thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and ultimately the millions of Syrians that are calling for an end to the death and devastation from the Al Assad regime.


Why should the Al Assad regime get a voice while the Opposition voices are silenced? The World needs to see the Opposition groups, which are becoming the voices of the Syrian people that are crying out to the world in horrific conditions as they have barely escaped the death, and devastation of the Al Assad regime; yet, now living inhumane conditions.


I highly doubt Al Assad is the voice of God for his country; as Al Assad vowed his enemies would go to Hell. It is God to judge and not for man to judge who is worthy or unworthy to be plunged into the depths of Hell. I do not claim to know the mind of God; however, a reasonable God-fearing person would think that God is more apt to listen to the hundreds of thousands of children, and families that Al Assad has put in Hell like conditions during his regime, and more especially over the past two years of war...


I am sure that God, along with the world has watched over the past two years as Al Assad clung to power by committing War Crimes that targeted, and destroyed cities full of unarmed innocent citizens. Civilians that littered the streets with the bodies of innocent women, and children, which were incapable of defending themselves. Yes, I am sure that God has saw, as the world has saw the Dictators rampage of death and destruction of his nation and the innocent with total disregard for human rights.


Those of us that have followed this over the past two years could imagine that God has heard the minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month, and now year-by-year pleas, cries and prayers for the Dictator and his Devilish devastation upon his cities full of innocent old men, women and children. Therefore, if anyone will be plunged into Hell, it will be Al Assad for the cruelty that he has unleashed upon the citizens of Syria under for their hopes and prayed for a better quality of life.


In closing, I do not subscribe to `Death Democracy` and have a huge problem of supporting war over Diplomacy; however, I supported ` Humanitarian Intervention` in Libya as I felt it was justified in preventing the mass destruction of multiple cities and vast loss of civilian lives. In Syria, `Humanitarian Intervention` became debated by the U.S, Russia and China that offered little in the way of early Diplomatic efforts to encourage Constitutional Reforms, the stepping down and/or Constructional Declaration of the Syrian People to give Al Assad `Monarchy` status and/or the opportunity to run for President. Diplomacy failed and the Al Assad regime chose the sward over the pen and a bill of rights for his citizens to ease his Dictatorial oppression. We have passed through the Cross Road where the deal with the Devil is often done and now the end my be the anger left behind form the tens of thousands of innocent souls sweeping him Al Assad away to be thrown into the lake of fire to collect his soulless body... My only sadness is of his wife and family; however, deep down she might have pondered the fact that she was marrying a Dictator, and not a man that would value her voice and/or the voice of the Syrian people.


Thank you,


Harvey Carroll, Jr.


Cite: Al Assad speech via YouTube