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Published:January 6th, 2013 11:50 EST

Is Justin Bieber Close To A Breakdown?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Justin Bieber has said he is `trying to be better` after photos allegedly showing him smoking marijuana joint are published.

US gossip website, TMZ, claim the pictures they have obtained from an anonymous source shows the teen pop star `clutching a shouldering blunt` while at a party inside a hotel room in Newport Beach.

Since the photos were published, Bieber has taken to Twitter to speak directly to his fans, many of whom are young, in a bizarre series of emotional tweets that appear to be in relation to past wrongdoings. However, he doesn`t directly refer to the alleged weed smoking photos."


Let`s cut the Bieber some slack, in the last couple of weeks he`s split up and got back together with Selena Gomez half a dozen times.

This teenybopper has a 100 and one problems, and one of them may not be paying the rent, but he still has to figure out how to juggle groupies, haters, Selena and his adoring fans.

The Bieb can be forgiven for clutching a blunt while partying with friends, and it`s not like he`s unrepentant. If you can decipher his Twitter messages he`s obviously sorry for something he`s done in the past. He could be referring to prior drug use, shaving without getting his mother`s permission, cheating on Selena or God knows what else.

Don`t stop believing in the Bieb, eventually he will sort out his problems, be able to grow a goatee, and find true love with Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus or Honey Boo Boo`s big sister.

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