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Published:January 6th, 2013 12:29 EST

Prisoners In Brazil Train Cat To Assist In Prison Break

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A cat trained by prisoners to deliver cell phones and tools to dig tunnels was caught at a jail in northeastern Brazil after sneaking in with forbidden items strapped to its body.


A correctional officer found a bag tied to the animal`s body filled with saw blades and drill parts for concrete drilling and digging tunnels, along with a cell phone complete with battery and charger, Avelino added."


Many prisons, inside and outside the United States, employ cats as therapeutic animals, to help prisoners learn to empathize and care about somebody other than themselves.

I hope these fine programs aren`t put at risk by these few prisoners who are exploiting cats to smuggle contraband.

I can`t train my cat to bring me my slippers, change the remote, or surf the Internet, but these crafty prisoners were able to train cats to smuggle cell phones into prison. Ebony refuses to even download funny cat videos on YouTube for me.

The cat`s out of the bag, It`s the prisoners who are ruling the roost at this Brazilian prison. The natural order of things needs to be restored: Correctional officers should be in charge, and cats should be pampered animals who serve nobody`s bidding except their own.

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