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Published:January 8th, 2013 16:21 EST

Catmoji: New Social Networking Site for Cats A Big Hit

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Social networking for cats has arrived.

Two tech geeks with a fondness for felines and an eye for niche marketing have created Catmoji, a Pinterest-like website that is wall-to-wall cat pictures, cat videos and cat chats."



I don`t need to know any other details; Catmoji is destined to be a hit!

It`s impossible to go wrong with a Web site that features cat pics, cat videos and cat chats! Cats and the Internet are a purr-fect match.

Give Catmoji a try, and I promise you will cancel you Facebook and Twitter accounts. Why waste time with human beings when you can surround yourself will all things having to do with felines?

Your real cats might not take it too kindly if you ignore them in favor of cat videos. Avoid a catastrophe, pet them every once in a while, while you are checking out Catmoji.

My cat just sent me an Instant Message: That`s me meowing! I need some attention!

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