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Published:January 8th, 2013 11:34 EST
Ever Wonder Why THEY Assassinated John F. Kennedy?

Ever Wonder Why THEY Assassinated John F. Kennedy?

By SOP newswire2

Ever wonder why they assassinated John F. Kennedy? Just listen to the audio of JFK speaking below and you`ll see why they didn`t want him around, they being the internationalist elite and their KGB affiliates. Kennedy was warning the nation about secret societies, and had plans to place the Federal Reserve under the jurisdiction of U.S. government which the internationalists resented. The plan wasn`t only to kill him, but to smear his reputation, even attributing to him the ensuing evils which they themselves had planned beforehand.

The assassination marked a turning point in the history of our country which gave birth to an era of civil rights and racial tension. Both JFK and the United States were shot on November 22, 1963, and our nation has since been dying a slow death.
And who directly assisted the coup orchestrating the assassination, but Kennedy`s VP, Lyndon B. Johnson, a criminal politician on the verge of being indicted. Oswald was set up as a patsy while the true shooter executed the plot incognito. Johnson faced the choice of either cooperating with the coup and becoming President, or going to jail, perhaps for the rest of this life. If anyone would doubt this, the video link below covers this in detail.
Apparently LBJ was going nutty from his guilty conscience. A psychiatrist was paid $1 million to treat him and keep from spilling the beans, and he himself had to keep quiet too. Hiding the truth is part of the secret society agenda to deceive our nation and place it under the yoke of an international one-world government. Kennedy was on to this fifty years ago. He knew of their plan to dissolve America`s sovereignty and place its citizens at the mercy of this global tyranny that would require compliance with `party line` policies in order to prosper and receive health benefits and other necessities.
Those days are quickly closing in. The sun of justice is setting upon our nation and is permitting the bats of one-world to come out of their caverns more than ever to the terrorizing of a nation. And who is the visible representative of this internationalist cult but the executive batman, Barack Obama, who has vowed to put this nation to death. His KGB connections are no secret. html/global_elite_picked_obama_171.html
But there is always hope for America`s renewal. We can bat the enemy back into their caverns by repatriating our nation and proclaiming the laws of God without compromise. We can rid our nation of abortion, homosexuality, and injustice, and to restore America to its rightful place under God where the Constitutional precepts of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness can again have bearing upon all its judicial and legislative decisions. When this is done and amendments are made, the sun of justice and liberty will again shine upon our country so that we can again sing God Bless America without the fear of illusion.
By David Martin
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