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Published:January 8th, 2013 11:05 EST
Iran Losing Ability to Save Face on Iran's Nuclear Issue

Iran Losing Ability to Save Face on Iran's Nuclear Issue

By Harvey Carroll, Jr.


Intelligence Squared often host wonderful debates. Upcoming events will deal with Iran. On Friday, the 4th of January 2013 they posted this article that gives advice on how to talk to Iran to help them save face and focus on expediency. Both of which I think Iran has failed at.  It is now time to look at other options.


Granted it was a very well written article. Yet, I think people that have seen President Obama as the leader of America realizes that he is a very reasonable man. President Obama has offered Iran the opportunity to come to the table many times and ways to save face. He has not pressured Iran into expedient decisions, but this lack of expediency has drawn a real time line of expediency closer that that can vastly affect the World and could clearly lead to war in the Middle East again.


President Obama, unlike President Bush did not label Iran in a negative way such as the Bush "Axis of Evil" statement. President Obama on several occasional addressed the Iranian people with kind words and constructive hopes for dialogue, while others were beating the drums of war as they always do.


I too took the President`s position for bringing Iran to the table; however, the facts remain that the U.S. has a long history of issues in that region with Iran and that Iran as a nuclear state would be able to dominate the economic policy of the U.S./World when it comes to Oil/Energy. This fact is not about the cultural aspects, or the historical religious text slanted views of the Iranian regime.


All in all people are people and countries reflect much of the same hopes, dreams and ambitions for their citizens, their families, etc. Diplomacy often cannot get personal, but I think President Obama has tried.


Speaking of saving face, President Obama has been slapped in the face, turned the other cheek and got it slapped as well. President Obama has had major economic issues to deal with at home; however, the President has done everything possible to try and deal with Iran and the distracting Middle East issues as well.


President Obama could have turned a blind eye to the Middle East; however, he chose to be human and attempt to focus on the long term interest of Humanity. He supported people over dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, tried to prevent mass slaughter via Humanitarian Intervention in Libya.


He recently dispatched Secretary Clinton and others to prevent the loss of life between Palestinians and Israelis. All while Iran and others relished and prodded the Palestinians to continue attacks on Israel.


Can one really expect the President to offer Iran any more chances to save face? I do not think so, it is time to bring Iran to the Principles Office and ask for assurances that Iran will not threaten the Global Economy.


I think it is also time to have a military strategy that makes the P5+1 aware that there might be a clear need to begin redrawing the Map of Iran and the giving of its neighbors border territory of Iran to reduce their long term threats of by a Nuclear Iran. The simple cutting Iran up like A Pizza and give it to all the neighbors that join in to stop the Iranian Nuclear threat.


Thank you, and shall we all pray that Iran comes to the table and peaceful solutions are worked out.