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Published:January 8th, 2013 15:44 EST

Second Inquest Confirms Amy Winehouse Died of Alcohol Poisoning

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A second inquest into Amy Winehouse`s death has confirmed the British singer died of alcohol poisoning, London officials said.

Winehouse, 27, died at her home in 2011 after years of drug and alcohol abuse."


Enough is enough!

You don`t have to be a coroner or a rocket scientist to conclude or deduce that Amy Winehouse died of alcohol poisoning.

Hopefully, this will be the final inquest into her death. Winehouse had five times the legal driving limit of alcohol in her system when she died.

Let the poor woman rest in peace, and let`s hope that nobody lights a cigarette within 50 yards of her grave, the entire cemetery will go up in a huge explosion.

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