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Published:January 9th, 2013 12:11 EST

David Bowie's New Masterpiece Video: Where Are We Now?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The producer behind David Bowie`s first album in a decade said he was surprised by the glam godfather`s choice of the reflective and melancholy  `Where are we now?` for its first single.


The track was released yesterday, on Bowie`s birthday, and shot to the top of the iTunes singles chart within hours, and is currently placed number two."

The Independent

In the late 1970`s David Bowie moved to Berlin in an attempt to exorcise his personal demons and to pursue a more minimalist musical approach.

Now as an old man Bowie returns thematically to Berlin, where he revisits his old haunts and contemplates the last change in his life: Death.

Bowie`s career has been defined by one constant: Change. Some of us prefer the Thin White Duke, others Ziggy Stardust, but my favorite Bowie incarnation has always been his Let`s Dance` disco period. It was gratifying to witness Bowie achieve worldwide fame, he no longer belonged just to freaks and misfits but to rockers all over the world.

Where are we now? It appears Bowie is in a melancholy and reflective mood as he walks the dead.

Listening to Bowie walking the dead is a hell of a lot more entertaining, and educational than putting up with the auto-tuned cacophony that passes for mass entertainment these days.

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