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Published:January 11th, 2013 11:04 EST

Lindsay Lohan's Bizzare Behavior On Set Of 'The Canyons'

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan was fired from Paul Schrader`s  `The Canyons` this summer and rehired after pounding on the director`s hotel-room door and crying in the hallway for 90 minutes, according to an account in this Sunday`s New York Times Magazine.


She additionally held up a crucial bedroom scene, writer Stephen Rodrick described, until Schrader himself disrobed in a successful attempt to make her comfortable.

The article about the production of the movie, for which Rodrick appeared to have unrestricted access, depicts Lohan as often late to work and frequently a no-show."


Lindsay Lohan has no shame; she is the only actress who would throw a tantrum in a bid to convince a director to rehire her after giving her the boot.

I can understand an actress being uncomfortable filming a bedroom scene, but LiLo is the only thespian in the world who would become comfortable in such a trying situation if a bespectacled 66-year-old director disrobed in front of her.

Interesting, the things that make a drug addict comfortable. I bet if Lilo was having trouble shooting a sex scene, she would also become comfortable if the director and the crew took a cocaine break.

It`s no surprise to anyone that Lilo is often late to work and sometimes doesn`t even show up at all. At this point in her career, Lohan only has the freak factor working in her favor. A desperate director can always hire Lohan to give his film a shot of publicity.

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