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Published:January 11th, 2013 08:13 EST
Why Did Lead Detective Esteban Flores Believe that Jodi Arias Shot Travis First in His Shower?

Why Did Lead Detective Esteban Flores Believe that Jodi Arias Shot Travis First in His Shower?

By John G. Kays

I wonder why Mesa, Az. lead Detective Esteban Flores initially thought that Jodi Arias Shot Travis Alexander in the shower first before proceeding with her malicious stabbing campaign? On Thursday the defense called for a mistrial, based on the erroneous claim of Det. Flores that the vituperative assault began with a gunshot (to Travis` forehead), whereas the medical examiner determined the gunshot was last. Alright, this has to do with a substantial claim by the prosecution (if they wish to get the death penalty) that  `aggravated cruelty` was behind the man-killer`s murderous rampage.

The reasoning here, if there is any, is she shot him first to put him out of pain before finishing him off completely. With that in mind, one wonders why Det. Flores believed it was committed with aggravated cruelty, if he had, in fact, believed the shot (from a small, conveniently lost .25 handgun) was the first wound inflicted on this charismatic young man, who was just showering to prepare himself for a vacation to Cancun (with another lovely lady).  Is this splitting hairs?

Furthermore, is Esteban`s mistake egregious? I sense it is. Yet after all is said and done, the Defense`s strategy didn`t work, Judge Sherry Stephens ruled that the trial continue, no mistrial. Still, I needed to feel satisfied about what went down at Travis` beautiful home in Mesa. I`m now confident that the gunshot came later, but wasn`t the final wound inflicted. To that argument, I sense the neck severing was the final perpetration of our icy blonde, when Travis was sprawled on his bedroom carpet. Almost finished off anyway!

Yea, it`s morbid and horrifying to simulate the proceedings and logical sequence of the crime, but you have to, if you want to be a babe out of woods, knowing a bit about forensics and a homicide investigation. It looks a trifle easier on TV, but we know, in the work-a-day world occupied by real detectives and real crazy people, unraveling a blood-soaked scene is probably a big pain in the whoopee cushion! Forgive me for comic relief, but my brain data bank is full, from glaring at gruesome blood stain photos over and over again.

Realize, this is what homicide detectives do every day. Dr. Henry Lee PHD explained away the gunshot being the first assault last night on Nancy Grace. The convincing argument is that a .25 shell casing was found already on top of one of millions of blood spatters, found throughout the bathroom (and elsewhere). So we see the light now! Thank you, Dr Henry Lee. A stab wound blood spatter hit the floor first, then when Jodi shot Travis, the .25 casing landed on a previously made blood stain, when it ejected from the handgun. You get it, I get it, but why didn`t Det. Flores get it?

Okay, so perhaps the gunshot was the last wound; sorry I just changed my mind. We know from the accidental photograph, snapped on the mystifying digital camera retrieved from Travis` washing machine, that a very strong Jodi dragged this man back into the bathroom and deposited him in the shower. Try to realize, the killing began in the shower and ended in the shower; perfectly bookended by this cleansing location. Asymmetric you might say. Was this a ritual killing? This possibility should be explored.

Our reasoning, if we really want to understand this crime, needs to be a posteriori. That is, until we actually understand the crime scene, its appropriate sequencing, we`re not going to get a grip on the Big Picture, The Black Widow`s motive, or her darkest thoughts and mindset that bright June day (back in 2008) will be an illusion! Cosmic awareness of what may be drifting through her pretty little skull will fall in place nicely, once we tie our ribbons and bows on this nasty stage of horror. You and I`d prefer to take the easy way out of this maze, but we know a one-eyed giant will welcome us as we sneak out into clear light. Huh?