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Published:January 11th, 2013 11:51 EST

Will Johnny Cash's 'Ring Of Fire' Be Heard On Preparation H Commericials?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Johnny Cash`s classic `Ring of Fire` may soon be heard on Preparation H ads, in a twist to the song`s meaning that the co-writer thinks is hilarious.

Merle Kilgore, who wrote the classic country song with the late June Carter Cash, said the coincidence is that he used to make hemorrhoid jokes about the song when he performed it onstage during his 20 years on the road."



Johnny Cash wasn`t inspired to write "Ring of Fire" while sitting on a toilet suffering from hemorrhoids, in fact he didn`t write the song at all. The actual inspiration for the classic country hit was the tempestuous relationship between Johnny and June Carter Cash in the early days of their romance.

Maybe June Carter Cash had a smoking hot behind, and that was the real inspiration for the song.

Oldies but Goodies from our childhood are used to hawk everything from sodas to trucks to Viagra; I guess everything is fair in love, war, politics and advertising.

Out of respect for Johnny Cash, I don`t think I will be humming along with the "Ring of Fire" Preparation H commercial.

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