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Published:January 13th, 2013 11:11 EST

Is Jerry Springer Responsible For The Destruction Of Western Civilization?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"I am the father of the destruction of Western civilization"

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer, the father of reality TV, admits that his show is " stupid" and has "no redeeming social values."


Springer`s show is a hit on college campuses, trailer parks, and in living rooms all over this great nation. Springer`s formula is simple: Give lesbians, str[i]ppers, trailer park tramps, and assorted white trash freaks a nationwide platform, and the studio audience and the viewing audience will delight in rendering instant verdicts.

I`m not equating lesbians with trailer park tramps, but attractive lesbians are a staple of Springer`s show, and they are in a large part responsible for its success.

The most popular section of Jerry`s show is the last part where the audience is allowed to comment on the show`s guests. Jerry`s audience members aren`t noted for their nuance or subtlety; they will often render a one word verdict on a guest: [W]hore, [w]hore, [w]hore they will shout with glee.

When a Dr. Phil pretends that he cares about a guest and utters soothing words of psychobabble, most discerning viewers are bored numb.

Most of us have managed to make an absolute mess out of our lives; we are beyond the redemption of psychologists and preachers. But when we watch The Jerry Springer Show it`s so satisfying to reduce an attention-hungry trailer park denizen to a one-word caricature: Freak, wh[o]re, or loser.

The Springer show has been popular for decades, and as long as human nature doesn`t change, it will continue to pull in monster ratings.

Yes Jerry, you are the father of the destruction of Western civilization, and we salute you! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

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