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Published:January 14th, 2013 17:33 EST

Video: Does Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary, Support Recreational Use Of Weed?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Miss Iowa, Mariah Cary, doesn`t think marijuana should be used for anything other than recreational, or health care purposes per her answer during Saturday`s Miss America Pageant."



It is patently unfair to ask a beauty pageant contestant a question other than her age, her favorite color, and her stance on world peace.

Nine times out of ten when a beauty queen is asked to pontificate on controversial issues, she ends up flubbing her answer.

There are millions of Americans who agree with Cary`s bold, though unintended, assertion that marijuana shouldn`t be used for anything other than recreational purposes.

The only way to survive watching "The Miss America Pageant" or any other beauty contest is by smoking a lot of recreational weed.

Mariah Cary, is no relation to Mariah Carey, the American Idol judge, who is most famous for feuding with Nicki Minaj.

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