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Published:January 15th, 2013 12:25 EST

Study: Male Jurors More Likely To Find Fat Females Guilty

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Male members of a jury are more likely to find a defendant guilty if the accused person is an overweight female.

According to a recent study by Yale University psychologists, male, and not female, jurors are also more inclined to believe that a fat woman is a repeat offender who had malicious intent.


The male pretend jurors were proven to be  `significantly more likely` to find the obese female defendants, rather than the slim ones, guilty, but the slimmer male participants were the harshest, frequently labeling the fat women  `repeat offenders` with  `awareness` of their crimes."


Men can get away with being overweight and less than attractive, but an obese woman is an affront to the physical perfection that society demands from women.

A fat female is suspected of being lazy and slovenly, the reasoning goes something like this: If Bertha weren`t so lazy she would join a health club! The heifer doesn`t care that she looks sloppy and fat!

I would be much more likely to find an overweight female defendant guilty, and I could care less what charges have been levied against her. If a woman doesn`t care about her physical appearance, chances are that she doesn`t care about following the rules -- period.

A fat female defendant would be well-advised to call Jenny Craig, even before she calls her lawyer.

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