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Published:January 16th, 2013 14:12 EST

Pair Of Robbers Who Got 68 Cents From 3 Victims Receive Lengthy Sentences

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A pair of armed robbers in Texas who received just 68 cents from their three victims were sentenced to lengthy stays in prison.

State District Judge Raymond Angelini sentenced Ryan Huerta, 19, to 18 years in prison last week and Arnulfo Hernandez was sentenced to 20 years in prison Monday for their string of three incidents in Converse, the San Antonio Express-News reported Tuesday."



These oxygen thieves were armed with a .22-caliber rifle when they robbed a Walmart employee of his pocket change in January 2011 and attempted to rob a woman, firing a round into her windshield before she drove off.

It`s only because of the robbers` ineptitude that nobody was injured or killed; I wouldn`t shed any tears for these losers.

Hernandez had agreed to a plea deal calling for a maximum eight-year sentence, but the agreement was voided when the idiot failed to show up for sentencing. Hernandez told the court he didn`t show up because he was trying to support his pregnant girlfriend. By the time this criminal`s baby is a toddler he will be mugging babies for their pacifiers. Let`s hope than Judge Angelini won`t retire any time soon.

These pair of clowns won`t be robbing anyone or getting girls pregnant in the foreseeable future. They will be too busy trying to protect their virtue behind bars, and they will be lucky to get jobs in the Big House that pay 68 cents an hour.

We need more judges like State District Judge Raymond Angelini, who show compassion for victims, and absolutely no mercy for criminals.

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