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Published:January 18th, 2013 20:55 EST
Restaurant  for Non-Waste Eaters

Restaurant for Non-Waste Eaters

By Zoneziwoh Mbondgulo

If I were to run a restaurant, it would be for non-waste eaters.

This morning, on a 3hr transit to another province, I decided to stop by my mum`s restaurant to help her out. I was assigned to gather dishes and remove/dump food crumbs into the waste bin. After a few dumps, I decided to pile all the crumbs on another plate, prepared it as though it was to be served and then took it to the eating hall and placed it on the table.

Amusingly, one customer asked: "my girl, is that my plate of food?"...before he could finish speaking another person just interrupted asking "who`s plate is that?"

I was indeed shocked but at the same time pleased. So, I approached them and whispered to them--"you see that plate, it is waste food-WASTE FOOD by customers like you!"

Then I asked them-why do you people waste food? Do you know this is deprivation of some other people who would come here and want to eat but will be told that food is to be finished? Meanwhile, it is all in the waste bin!!!

Anyway, after the little show, my mum asked me to take the dumped food to a place where the birds will eat it because that is what she always does. A place with at least 100 grass / palms birds.

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