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Published:January 19th, 2013 12:24 EST

Girl, 5, Suspended For Threatening To Shoot Girl With Pink Hello Kitty Gun That Shoots Bubbles!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who told another girl she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles has been suspended from kindergarten.


Her family has hired an attorney to fight the punishment, which initially was 10 days for issuing a `terroristic threat.` But her punishment was reduced to two days after her mother met with school officials and had the incident dropped to `threatening to harm another student,` which apparently carries a lesser punishment.

A school official overheard the remark and searched the girl`s backpack and did not find the Hello Kitty gun."

Fox News

In heaven angels blow bubbles at each other with pink Hello Kitty toy guns. The Hello Kitty brand has a patent on innocence, wholesomeness and goodness. It`s no wonder that females from three to sixty-three will buy any product that bears the Hello Kitty trademark.

Islamic terrorists hiding out in the mountains of Afghanistan hurl daggers at bullseye targets of Hello Kitty.

I once saw a streetwalker (an adult) with a Hello Kitty purse, if a patrol car hadn`t been in the vicinity I would have proposed marriage to her or at the very least propositioned her.

I am jealous of the Japanese, Hello Kitty is the quintessential American brand, and it should have been invented by an American.

Only a mindless bureaucrat, a crazed terrorist, or a hardline Communist would take offense at a 5-year-old girl threatening to shoot bubbles at another girl with her Hello Kitty toy gun.

Stop the insanity! It`s a pink toy gun that shoots bubbles, for God`s sake!

The Hello Kitty weapon of mass destruction wasn`t even found in the little girl`s backpack.

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