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Published:January 19th, 2013 13:00 EST
MedXCom announces MedXSafe - an App to assist in the STD War

MedXCom announces MedXSafe - an App to assist in the STD War

By SOP newswire2

Users "bump" phones and can share their STD FREE status
50% of all Americans will get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) at some point in their lives; more than 1 in 4 college students have an STD
  • MedXCom is a HIPAA compliant medical communication system for Patients and Doctors
  • MedXSafe is encrypted end-to-end and you are in charge of who can see your information
  • January 15, 2013 - Giffen Solutions Inc, a market leading electronic health communications messaging company, announced MedXSafe, a new feature to its popular MedXCom Patient platform. The App now allows people to bump phones with a potential partner and exchange contact information along with their STD FREE status - if they choose to do so. 
    Does it violate HIPAA? "Absolutely NOT," says Dr. Michael Nusbaum, creator of MedXCom, MedXPatient and MedXSafe. Your doctor, college health center or local health clinic can test you for STDs and sign off on MedXSafe that you are free of STDs as of the date the tests are completed. YOU CHOOSE TO SHARE THE INFO. No privacy laws are broken and it never reveals if you have anything. It only provides you with a clean bill of health as of a certain date."
    Is this is a good Idea? "In our view, anything that helps the war against STDs is a good idea.
    There has been a relaxed attitude towards STDs lately as many people think medicine can cure all - it can`t," said Dr. Nusbaum. In doing this we hope to increase the discussion about STDs but we are not, in any way, condoning promiscuity. We do, however recognize that it occurs and that it is contributing to the rapid spread of STDs. We also stress the need to practice safe sex and encourage the use of condoms as well as an open and honest discussion of STD status between partners."
    How does MedXSafe Help? By getting testing yourself and through only having sexual relations with individuals who have also been tested, the spread of STDs is massively reduced but can never be eliminated short of abstinence.
    How do I use MedXCom Patient and MedXSafe? Just download the MedXCom for Patients app on your iPhone. If your health care provider already uses MedXCom then you`re good to go, if not then you can ask your doctor to use his/her credentials to register as a provider. You just need to have a physical exam with appropriate testing and your doctor can document that you have been tested and are STD free at that time. If you wish, you can then bump phones with a potential partner and exchange limited contact information including, if you wish, your STD FREE status.

    Can the information be falsified? Only licensed health care providers can register as a provider to use the MedxCom system. In addition, only licensed health care providers can test you and clear you of having STDs on MedXCom. Any healthcare provider who knowingly falsifies medical information in a protected health care information system risks losing his or her license to practice medicine. The MedXSafe bump exchanges an encrypted token, which can not be duplicated. As a result, no one can create a "fake MedXSafe App" and successfully duplicate the encrypted token and "fool" a user who has the real MedXSafe App.
    Can someone test negative and yet still have an STD? Yes, the accuracy of STD testing is limited to current technology as well as the mechanism of spread of each disease. Some STDs, such as HIV, have a latency period in which the individual has been exposed but has an undetectable level of the disease and thus can still test negative. This is why we encourage regular testing prior to receiving an STD free status. Most providers require several weeks to months of negative tests before an STD free status is granted on the system.
    What else does MedXCom Patient Do? Allows you to text and message your Doctor. "In addition to MedXSafe, our system is one of only a few in which you can legally text your physician on and it is the only one in which you can also manage all your health care records.
     The key is the Doctors can legally answer patients through our system. Unfortunately, mobile cell phone use exploded so fast and health care systems were quick to adopt technology, but many physicians and providers are unknowingly answering patients via text message or cell phone in a non-HIPAA compliant way. This is unsafe for both the Doctor and the patient and is a HIPAA violation," said Dr. Michael Nusbaum, founder of Giffen Solutions, Inc. "Our System allows you to securely text message your doctor or share photos and documents and know that he or she can legally answer you. With the Giffen MedXCom app, you can now have personal, secure, HIPAA compliant voice and text communications with your doctors. There is absolutely nothing else like this on the market."
    MedXCom Patient is used in conjunction with MedXCom, an iPhone and Android app and web-based communications and health network platform designed to improve physician and patient interaction and enhance the quality of healthcare through innovative technologies. MedXCom Patient is HIPAA certified, with security and encryption. No personal health information ever resides on your phone. Only you and your authorized providers will be able to view your health records and profile information. You can convert all your paper records into one convenient record, stored securely, accessible via your app and rest assured that your private data is safe. Download the FREE MedXCom Patient app today, and enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and enhanced quality of care you`ll get with your secure, one-stop health profile, along with improved communications to and from your healthcare providers.
    Dr. Nusbaum is Chief Technical Officer and Founder of Giffen Solutions, Inc. Dr. Nusbaum and his team at Giffen are dedicated to improving health care, communication, and compliance through innovative technology.