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Published:January 20th, 2013 16:57 EST
Call to Limit UK Visas

Call to Limit UK Visas

By SOP newswire2


Next week, the new Israeli government, expected to be under the leadership of the present incumbent, Binyam Netanyahu, will apparently continue on his collision course with both America and Britain.  He has just called for tenders for 198 more illegal units to house citizens from Israel in the occupied Palestinian West Bank in continued violation of international law and the demands of the US and UK governments.


It is reported that President Obama is inured to Israel`s self-defeating policies and the British government is adamant that all illegal settlements must be dismantled with residents repatriated back to Israel.   However, these demands are treated with contempt by Netanyahu and his extreme right-wing, Likud coalition government.


This raises the question as to the consequences of this deteriorating situation which could lead to the UN Security Council authorising sanctions and even military action against the Israeli state if it tried to deploy nuclear weapons in its escalating conflict against the Palestinians in its Occupied Territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.


It is reliably reported that there are possibly in excess of 50,000 Israeli citizens currently living in Britain of which some thousands will be IDF military reservists. And notwithstanding recent legislative changes, it is still a possibility that war crimes charges could be made against various Israeli individuals, should they step foot on British soil, in relation to the killing by Israel of hundreds of civilians in Gaza, in 2008.


Given such an invidious scenario, perhaps it would be prudent to limit the issue of all UK visas to Israeli citizens until such time as Mr Netanyahu deems it convenient to comply with the will of the United Nations, the demands of international law and the Geneva Conventions, as subscribed to by Britain and all other free, democratic states.

By Douglas Reed