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Published:January 22nd, 2013 10:44 EST

A Gene for Under-arm Odor

By John Pustelnik

Researchers have found that about 78% of people with a particularly rare version of a gene do not produce any under-arm odor and still use deodorant.

In the study, of the 6459 mothers with this rare gene tested, 117 (about 2%) did not produce any under-arm odor.


Researchers suggest that people still used deodorant even if they were physically incapable of producing an under-arm odor due to social norms concerning personal hygiene.

The name of the gene researched is ABCC1.

One of the main points of the study was to determine the behavior of deodorant usage. The article points out that 7% of people in east Asia use deodorant, as opposed to 62-74% in U.K., where the study took place.

The research also points out that the texture of ear wax is linked with whether or not a person produces an under-arm odor. People who did not produce an under-arm odor had dry ear wax, as opposed to wet ear wax.

So, next time you go out to buy deodorant, check your ear wax to see whether or not you really need it.