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Published:January 23rd, 2013 14:29 EST

Chris Brown is the Latest Victim of "Swatting"

By John Pustelnik

On Monday afternoon, Chris Brown`s house was invaded by police due to a prank call to the police department regarding domestic violence.

According to TMZ, the caller claimed a mother and father inside Chris Brown`s home were having an argument. The caller claimed that the father went into another room in the house to get a gun.


The incident turned out not to be true. There was no evidence of any conflict inside the house when police arrived.

Chris Brown was not in the house either, only a few staff members were inside at the time.

The call is part of a new phenomena called "swatting," a prank that involves calling the police department and reporting a serious incident to get police to swarm a celebrities home.

Other victims include the Kardashians and possibly Tom Cruise.

The culprits have yet to be caught.


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