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Published:January 24th, 2013 12:06 EST

Fifth-Grade Girl Scolded For Bringing Paper Gun To School

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Philadelphia woman said her daughter`s elementary school overreacted when the girl was searched and scolded for possessing a paper gun.

Dianna Kelly said her daughter, fifth-grader Melody Valentin, was reprimanded by a school administrator at Newlin Fell Elementary School and had her belongings searched last week when she pulled out a paper gun her grandfather had made, WTXF-TV, Philadelphia, reported Wednesday."



Was the little terrorist`s backpack searched for a paper magazine capable of holding 30 paper bullets?

Thank goodness the school administrator confiscated the girl`s paper gun, and nipped her criminal career in the bud. We all know that the natural progression is for a child to play with a paper or toy gun, and then in a few years graduate to massacring his fellow students with an assault rifle.

Let`s just pray and hope that one of Melody`s classmates doesn`t have a paper bomb in his backpack.

President Obama should dispatch Joe Biden to this elementary school so he can personally present the brave and dedicated school administrator with a  Presidential Medal of Honor.

Parents all over this great nation can sleep peacefully knowing that there are courageous school administrators keeping our children safe.

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