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Published:January 24th, 2013 11:03 EST

Madness In Columbia! Thieves Forced To Abandon Getaway Donkey

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Colombian authorities said three men who burgled a convenience store were forced to abandon their loot when the getaway donkey alerted police with his braying.

Police said the men stole the donkey, 10-year-old Xavi, and about 12 hours later attempted to have him carry away the merchandise they took from Fabio Orozco`s convenience store in the town of Juan de Acosta."



Only a jackass would use a donkey as his getaway vehicle " for robbing a convenience store.

The donkey`s loud braying alerted the cops and the robbers were forced to leave behind their stolen donkey and the loot -- which included rum, oil, rice, tuna, and sardines.

You know you are living in a Third World hellhole when a convenience store sells oil, rice, tuna and sardines.

Thank goodness for 7-Eleven where you can buy cool stuff like a Slim Jim, a 32-ounce Big Gulp, beer, a gallon of milk for ten bucks and lottery tickets.

The thieves were able to escape on foot, the donkey was returned to his owner and the cops can focus on capturing the real criminals: The drug kingpins who run the country.

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