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Published:January 25th, 2013 11:49 EST

Video: English Soccer Star Eden Hazard Ejected For Kicking Ball Boy

By Robert Paul Reyes

Eden Hazard, a top Chelsea soccer star, was ejected during a match after allegedly kicking a ball boy in the ribs.

The unfortunate incident occurred during the English Cup semifinal match with Swansea when Chelsea`s Eden Hazard went to retrieve the soccer ball that had landed behind the goal.


The ball boy, who has been employed by Swansea for the past six years, fell on top of it. Hazard tried to get the ball from the kid, eventually kicking the ball from under him.

The English, indeed most of the world, is a mad about soccer and it`s not unusual for fans to riot during and after important matches. But has this spirit of hooliganism infected the players, and should Hazard be banned for a year or longer?

Let`s keep things in perspective, Charlie Morgan the ball boy  isn`t a 12-year-old wide-eyed innocent thrilled to be in the presence of professional soccer players, he is a 17-year-old lad.

I don`t know if Morgan aspires to be a soccer player, but he should seriously consider a career as a thespian. Morgan delivered an Academy Award performance when Hazard kicked the ball from under him, clutching his ribs and screaming in pain.

Morgan was seeking to gain an advantage for Swansea, the team that employs him, by not returning the ball in a timely fashion to Hazard.

I don`t know if Hazard actually kicked Morgan in the ribs, but he would have been within his rights to give him a swift kiss in the arse.

This incident isn`t Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield`s ear; it`s not even Serena Williams abusing her racket. It`s a trivial incident that got blown out of proportion, and it`s not a symbol of superstar athletes gone bonkers.

Hazard was booted from the game, Morgan got his 15 minutes of fame, and life goes on.

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