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Published:January 26th, 2013 19:18 EST
Bigfoot: A Figment of the Imagination or a Mythical Creature? You Decide.

Bigfoot: A Figment of the Imagination or a Mythical Creature? You Decide.

By Ron G Anselm

Over the last forty or so years we have heard many stories that make us as curious as a cat pawing at the goldfish tank. I remember as a kid hearing about many sightings of flying saucers or some other out of the ordinary events that you really never knew what to believe or if those sightings were really what people claimed they were to be.

One mythical creature that has had a lot of people wondering if it is real or not is of course, the one and only, Big Foot. I have seen various stories about this hairy creature that supposedly dwells and combs the unexplored woods of the Great Northwest and Northern California where the only life around is the thickly, un-touched by man woods that are thicker than a milkshake with more ice cream in it than milk and where the Eagles fly and fly high above the tree tops as they soar like our feathered friends on a mission to explore the wilderness.

I really don`t know what to believe because I am one like a lot of people probably are. I need concrete scientific evidence that something is true or does exist before I believe whatever it is to be true. The mystery of Big Foot to me is like a fun fiction experience because you can really make up stories about this hairy monster and form the plot in your own imagination.

I did see one picture on the Internet about ten years ago of something that did resemble a big man-like ape that was supposedly spotted in the woods of Northern California. The photo did look real but who knows? Maybe the culprits(s) who took the photo went by their nearest Party City novelty store and bought an ape costume and dressed up, took the photo and said, Look! Big Foot! See we have a photo to prove it!

Come on, dude! You have to show me more evidence than that for me to become a true Big Foot believer or maybe the photo was really Big Foot?

I had a weird experience when I was visiting my brother on leave from the Army in the past. My brother was the type that loved the great outdoors and would live anywhere as long as it had lots of trees, streams, lakes and mountains and away from civilization. He lived in Deer Park, Washington about ten miles East of Spokane, Washington. If any of you are familiar with that area of our country it is the Great Northwest and all there is around there is woods and the Great Cascade Mountains where the air is thin and as fresh as a load of laundry coming out of the dryer.

We were camping way out of the way somewhere in the wilderness where even the deer would get lost. There was nothing around us but mountains, trees, rocks and a big lake. Man, what a beautiful sight. It is the type of scenery that you could come home one day stressed out and drive up to that area, get out of the car and all at once go from a frazzled state of mind to a state of mind as relaxed an infant sleeping in his or her mother`s arms.

As night fall approached our camp fire sparked up as bright a million watt light bulb. The illumination on the tress was as vivid as taking a flashlight and shining it in the mirror in the bathroom with the light off. You could hear cougars screaming off in the distance and a distant coyote howling at the moon.

My brother asked me if I wanted to sleep in the tent. He had is Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum and his .44 Magnum which was sure protection against anything that may have wanted to make us its next meal.

I said no I would sleep out in my sleeping bag under the starlit sky. I mean, come on, being in the Army I was used to sleeping anywhere out in any weather I could lay my extreme cold weather sleeping bag, put my M16A1 Rifle next to me and use a rock as a pillow.

As I drifted off to sleep, I remember hearing splashing in the lake which was about twenty-five yards from our position. I didn`t know what that splashing was and didn`t care at the time. I fell asleep and suddenly awoke to nothing but total darkness a couple of hours later. The campfire had gone out and the only light out there was those finely lit stars that shined on the woods like little night lights. All I could hear is the wind blow softly through the trees and owls hooting as I they were having a dinner party conversation with one another.

The temperature dropped significantly so as I did so many times in the Army when we were out in sub-zero weather training, I zipped my sleeping bag up over my head to stay warm. I remember after doing that hearing the leaves crunch heavily as if something big was coming towards our camp site. I pulled out my K-Bar Knife which had a blade as long as Cher`s long black hair and the blade was as thick as a fat lady signing in the opera and I lay there as still as a Tiger ready to stomp on its prey.

Whatever it was decided to come right up to my sleeping bag and put its massive body over me. I could feel the massiveness of whatever it was that wanted to investigate what I was. I lay still with the blade of the knife up ready to thrust it into whatever was hanging over me. It sniffed me a few times as I could feel its big nose against the sleeping bag and nudged me to see if I would move. This went on for a few minutes and it decided to move on. I had a big sigh of relief and luckily had another change of underwear with me.

Over the years I often wondered what the He** that was? Was it a bear? I don`t think so because it was probably larger than any bear out there. Was it a deer? Nope. Was it an Elk? Possibly because Elk do stand over ten feet tall in a lot of areas around this country or was it that mythical creature, Big Foot that has so many people on edge and as nervous as a ten year old giving their first public speech in front of an audience in speech writing 101.  

So, is Big Foot real? I read one account on the Internet of witnesses that claimed to be attacked by this hairy and smelly creature supposedly that happened back in the 1960s. They claimed that while on a camping trip (who knows where) that Big Foot attacked their family. This has me wondering if it is true and opens the door for a lot of questions. Are these people that claim to be attacked by Big Foot the same ones that took that hairy man looking ape photo and claimed it was Big Foot? Don`t know or is their account of being attacked by Big Foot true?

The plot of the attack went like this. They said there were six of them in a seven foot tent. They claim this attack happened before Big Foot was ever in the media, well I have news for them; Big Foot has been in the media since the late 1950s so that part of their story does not jive. They said that Big Foot stood over their tent and the smell of the creature was so intense it made their eyes water and the creature screamed so loud it made their chests vibrate; very good analogy. They also said they could see the hairy arms of Big Foot as the light illuminated through their tent.

Whoever this is claiming this story is asking if anyone would like to go back to wherever that area is of where this event supposedly happened. If you are interested in finding out more about this call let me know and I will give you their phone numbers.

If you do decide to pursue this and go back to wherever this happened and you do come face to face with Big Foot, first, tell him Hi for me and get a contact address where I can sell him a copy of my next book. This will take my marketing for it into another dimension of demographics and expand my audience from humans to our hairy friends that live out in the nowhere badlands of mountains, trees, lakes, streams and rocks. Outstanding!

I am not saying that the above story is not true, I was not there so I can`t give a concrete opinion on it in any way or another but as the mystery of Big Foot still occasionally drifts in and out of the media like the smell in a public bathroom does after eating a good meal of beans and rice you can always make up your own imagination to this story and the mystery of Big Foot and wind the plot in and out, up and down, inside and outward and so on as the mystery of this big and smelly creatures leaves us wondering; Is Big Foot a figment of the imagination or a mythical creature? You Decide.

Hey all you Big Foot fans or just fans of the game of baseball, my next book on the complete game of Major League baseball is currently in the publishing stages, no release date set yet; should have my raw manuscript back sometime next week, hopefully to make my edits to it then to the next step in the publishing process. I will inform every one of the release date and where to buy your copy of it when available when I know from my publisher.