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Published:January 27th, 2013 12:29 EST

Gunbrella: An Umbrella That Looks Like A Rifle, And Can Get You Killed!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Canadian police urged the public to think twice about walking around on rainy days carrying an umbrella made to look like a rifle.

The harmless but alarming umbrella brought police to a bus stop in Richmond, B.C., after commuters saw a man who appeared to have a genuine rifle over his shoulder.


CBC News said the store where the so-called gunbrella was sold decided to discontinue the line."


Gunbrellas don`t kill people, it`s clueless cops who mistake a gunbrella for a real gun who kill people sporting a gunbrella.

I would advise folks not to use a gunbrella to protect them from the rain, unless it`s made out of Kevlar.

I wonder which rocket scientist came up with the idea of an umbrella that looks like a rifle. I have an even better idea, a wallet that looks like a grenade.

Officer: You were exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph. Can I see your driver`s license?

Driver: Yeah, just a second, let me reach for my wallet.

Officer: Boom! Boom!

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