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Published:January 27th, 2013 11:36 EST

Video:PTC Complains Kate Upton Mercedes-Benz Commercial Too Sexy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Mercedes-Benz commercial spotlighting model Kate Upton is too sexy, the Parents Television Council said.

The commercial features the "Sports Illustrated` swimsuit model wearing cutoff shorts and a cleavage-revealing, skin-tight tank top in slow motion as she prepares to wash the 2014 Mercedes CLA-Class. In reality, she points out that a group of young football players `missed a spot` as they wash the vehicle."



By the standards of the Internet and cable TV this ad is very tame, I would rate it "PG" for Please God show me more skin.

With all due respect to Kate Upton fans, but the famous model has the shapeless legs of a teen boy, no junk in her trunk, and what appears to be mosquito bites on her chest. The 2014 Mercedes automobile is a hell of a lot more sexy than Upton.

A spokesperson for the Parents Television Council argues that this ad reinforces the idea that women should use their feminine wiles to get what they want.

Let`s get real, a supermodel isn`t going to employ her rhetorical skills to convince a group of young men that they should perform random acts of kindness, and that a good place to start would be by washing her luxury vehicle.

An attractive woman will don a pair of Daisy Dukes, and casually mention that her car hasn`t been washed in weeks and a Good Samaritan (re: horny bastard) will offer to wash her car for free.

This ad reinforces the ideas that we all know too well: Dudes dig hot chicks, cool cars, and sex (even homogenized sex) sells.

The Parents Television Council is tilting at windmills.

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