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Published:January 29th, 2013 14:01 EST

Is Bubble Wrap The Greatest Invention In History?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New Jersey high school celebrated Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day by setting a Guinness world record with 366 people simultaneously popping Bubble Wrap."



I recently bought a television set and when I removed the TV from the box, my cat immediately jumped inside, and I just as quickly started to pop the Bubble Wrap. It doesn`t take much to entertain a cat or a grown man.

Bubble Wrap was invented in 1957 by engineers who sealed two shower curtains together, creating a smattering of air bubbles. The engineers tried to sell their invention as wallpaper, with no success. It wasn`t until 1960 that the new invention was used as packaging material.

I`ve seen some tacky wallpaper in my life, but using Bubble Wrap as wallpaper is too tacky even for the likes of Pee Wee Herman. Although Bubble Warp as wallpaper might work in the rooms in a mental institution.

It thrills my soul to find out that there`s a "Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day", which is celebrated on the last Monday in January. Hallmark needs to get with the program and start selling "Happy Bubble Wrap Day" cards.

I don`t care what my friends get me for "Bubble Warp Appreciation Day", as long as they wrap my gift in Bubble Wrap.

Congratulations to Hawthorne High School in New Jersey for setting the record, the students of this fine institution are scholars and gentlemen/ladies.

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