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Published:January 29th, 2013 14:34 EST

The Brolly Umbrella: For Tech Savvy Hipsters

By Robert Paul Reyes

I recently wrote an article about the Gunbrellas ", novelty umbrellas whose handles are made to look like weapons. Needless to say gunbrellas are causing concern with the police and the public at large.


My gunbrellla story prompted Greg Edson of Brollytime.Com to send me the following email:

"I read your article on the Gunbrella and wanted to introduce you to a much safer looking umbrella with an innovative design called the `Brolly`.

The Brolly features a unique finger hole grip that enables your thumbs to remain free for texting / e-mailing in the rain (something no other umbrella can claim). It`s the perfect umbrella for a tech savvy audience, as well as the everyday person that is on the go and enjoys texting no matter how wet and windy it is outside."

If you go out in the rain with a gunbrella people will give you a wide berth, and look at you like you are a serial killer.

But if you brave the rain with a Brolly, a tech savvy chick may seek refuge under your umbrella and soon both of you will be singing in the rain.

The Brolly umbrella has a secure grip that allows you to surf the Internet and send text message on your smartphone.

I`ve been considering buying an iPhone as a chick magnet, but I think I will keep my android phone and buy a Brolly umbrella instead.

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