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Published:January 29th, 2013 12:32 EST
The Designated Buddy

The Designated Buddy

By David J. Knee

Definition of a Designated Buddy: A friend who remains sober at a party or function where consumption of alcohol is taking place.  They are responsible for keeping their intoxicated friends safe and out of trouble.

The DB will be there to deescalate altercations, get you home safely, keep you out of trouble and prevent you from doing anything stupid or regrettable. They will also make sure that you don`t get taken advantage of.  It is the DB`s responsibility to cut you off if you become overly intoxicated and a danger to yourself and others. It is basically the same thing as a Designated Driver except this person is responsible for your safety in a social setting.  The DB will be responsible for a number of friends at any given social function.

The DB is like car insurance.  You most likely will never need it, but it`s there just in case.  In the year 2013 you don`t want to take too many chances.  Most of the time you will get drunk and everything works out all right (excluding the hangover the next day). You don`t know how you got back or necessarily what you did, but you are alive.  What if one time you aren`t so lucky.  The DB is there for those situations.  It might seem silly, but it really can`t hurt to take extra precautions.

College students are about to embark on their second semester of the school year. Here is some advice from your friends at discussing the benefits of a designated buddy.

You`re heading back to school from winter break, which means your weekends are about to be filled with non-stop drinking and partying. We all know how crazy the first weekend back can be. You should go out and have fun, but do it in a safe way.  Here is some advice you will most likely ignore, which could lead to some uncomfortable situations, such as, drunken college kids finding themselves in jail, fights, raped or involved in a sexual encounter you will regret, sick, lost or robbed.

Here is an anecdote by one of our contributors who would like to remain anonymous.  This is one reason why you should always have someone who is sober watching out for you and your friends.


Here is a story from my first Friday night out in college. Everyone from my floor went out together. We figured we knew each other and would keep each other safe. We went to a frat party and like most guys do we made predictions of which of us was going to get lucky and which girl it was going to be. I guess you could say I won.  I had zero recollection of the events that night. I know I called my entire family in a drunken stupor and even managed to call my ex. The party was about 2 miles off campus. I have no recollection of how I got back, but I woke up the next day in a girl`s bed. First night out and I managed to get a girl pregnant and destroyed my college career. Okay, luckily that didn`t happen, but I did wake up sicker than I ever had in my life. It was my first time being blackout drunk. Moral of the story is that I might have wanted someone to watch my back, but it was the first weekend. I didn`t know anyone well enough to trust with my safety and well-being.  My story ended with a two-week fling and a really bad hangover. Unfortunately the same can`t be said for a girl who choked to death by asphyxiation that same night. We went to the same party. She went back to her dorm room and died. That could have been any of us. Think safety. Think smart. She drank too much. There was nobody to cut her off. Her roommates didn`t know what had happened until it was too late.

College is a time to rebel, which inevitably means you will do stupid things and get in trouble. If there is one thing you take away from this, it is have a better awareness of yourself and your surroundings. You`re at an age where you feel invincible. Bad things can`t happen to you or your friends. As cliché as this might sound, that`s what everyone thinks about themselves and their friends. The problem with this mindset is that statistics don`t lie. Sooner or later the numbers will not be in your favor. If you accept the idea of a DB you will be able to have an awesome time unwinding in a safe way.