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Published:January 30th, 2013 19:09 EST
Coincidence Is All I Need When I Need It: Facts vs. Truth

Coincidence Is All I Need When I Need It: Facts vs. Truth

By Gloria Loring

I love the way coincidence provides me with what I need, exactly when I need it. 

I had read an article that morning titled Facts vs. Truth, just hours before my sister called. Her voicemail message began, "Gloria, the doctor wants to see Eddie and me in his office right away. We`re driving there now." 

My sister had been having serious digestive problems and although her doctor kept telling her to take Nexium, she finally convinced him to order an MRI. Now, a day after the MRI, she and her husband were summoned for an immediate in-person consult. Not a good sign.

I reached her just minutes before the appointment and quickly informed her of the wisdom I had read that morning. The gist of it, from the abundant mind of New Thought minister Eric Butterworth, was that what we often call a fact is most often a temporary piece of information, an illusion possibly, an opinion frequently, that may change as soon as more information comes. ("Think of the once accepted facts, the world is flat," or Saddam Hussein had "WMDs ") 

Facts can change. Truth - the truth of a life, a circumstance, a relationship - is most often revealed when we`ve lived all the way through it. The mind might jump on a so-called fact and react to it, struggle with it, mourn it, even imagine living through it long before the truth of it has been made known. 

And so I told my sister, Peggy, "whatever the doctor tells you, put space around it." 

In other words, step back from it, see it as only one of many possibilities. This advice emerged from my own 20-plus years of meditation practice. I had become aware of my own tendency to take distressing thoughts and try to wrestle them to completion long before they had played out their path and purpose. It had taken me years to learn to put space around my thoughts, step back, and see how facts "unfolded" rather than thinking I knew the truth of them ahead of time. 

That day, the doctor basically told my sister she had pancreatic cancer and if she didn`t have a dangerous surgery, she had six months to live. Buoyed by our conversation, she didn`t take his words to heart and left his office determined to work on healing. 

Within a short period of time it was clear that the doctor`s facts were mostly opinions. My sister did have cancer, but a slow-growing type that gave her 3 1/2 years for a journey of spiritual study and emotional healing. When she left us last April, she was at peace. The way she handled the challenges she was given has inspired us all. 

So now, when a disturbing fact arises, I attend my own lecture, and remember to put space around it, knowing that it will, along some distant day, live its way into the truth.

The former Liz Chandler "on Days of Our Lives," Gloria Loring is a singer, songwriter, actress and author. Her most recent book is "Coincidence Is God`s Way of Remaining Anonymous, noted as a compelling journey of show business, mystery and miracles."

Her website is And she`s at,  and