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Published:January 31st, 2013 08:05 EST
In Jodi Arias Trial, Defense Star Witness Lisa Diadoni Paints Travis Alexander as a Two-Faced Janus!

In Jodi Arias Trial, Defense Star Witness Lisa Diadoni Paints Travis Alexander as a Two-Faced Janus!

By John G. Kays

Yesterday, Jodi Arias` defense team did a good job of portraying murder victim Travis Alexander as a two-faced Janus, who played two sides of the coin as far as his way with women. Does this strategy help the defense by way of showing that Jodi was only defending herself against a two-timing, aggressive paramour?

Not really, but the persistent character assassination of Travis may be good enough to imbue a few jurors with reasonable doubt. IE, Jodi walks (just like Casey Anthony)!

Yesterday`s quintessential witness was a former girlfriend of Travis Alexander, a blonde Lisa Andrews Diadoni, who was only 18 years old when she first met and dated the charming and persuasive Alexander (Travis was a gifted motivational speaker) back in 2007. 

My take away of Lisa Diadoni`s testimony, when questioned by Jennifer Willmott, is that she came to realize, after confronting a great deal of evidence of it, that Travis was cheating on her, and was leading a double life.

As this realization dawned on her, wrought with consternation (Lisa was young and naive at the time), over several breakups and fragile reunifications (oddly enough), the defense attorney, Jennifer Willmott is successfully able to paint a picture of Travis` character that is compromised and sleazy. 

 On the one hand, he projected himself as a devout Mormon and possibly a virgin, when in reality he carried on kinky, amorous liaisons with Jodi, who he fancied was on the other side of the fence, as far as where she lies in an abstract womanly pedestal of virtue.

Much of this struggle with the truth about Travis comes by way of a long, scolding email Lisa sent to Travis one time, where she questions his intentions with her; that is, to put it bluntly, was he only after sex, or was he making sincere overtures of romance towards her, possibly with sacred marriage in mind? 

In the final analysis, I don`t sense that Lisa walked away from the relationship with that feeling. Rather, it was just the opposite; Travis was cheating on her with his `dirty little secret,` blonde bombshell Jodi Arias.

The biggest shocker for me, is that Lisa didn`t confirm that Travis was having sex with Arias until after she found out he`d been murdered. Boy did Travis do a good job of covering this up and of projecting himself as devout, chaste Mormon, who was only playing the field and looking for the perfect bride. Marketing and sales was his thing, and this required a bit of deceit and cover-up, in order to achieve the affect he wanted with his romantic endeavors.

As one of the defense`s early witnesses, Lisa Diadoni was a superb one to show who Travis Alexander really was. He was playing the field with finesse and panache, but this is what got him killed, in the final analysis. What I`m seeing, and what makes his dealings with women stand out like a sore thumb, looking somewhat sleazier than normal, is that he used his Mormon religion as a trump card to get exactly what he wanted. This was his Achilles Heel, as I see it!

I also suspect this was Jodi`s primary motive in killing him. She had broke off with Darryl Brewer, who she had a very good relationship with, and she`d even converted to Mormonism herself, no doubt on behalf of Travis, who she absolutely adored, at one time. 

So, the defense has to be careful and try and disguise this possible motive, because it will tend to prove rapturous premeditation, if religion comes into the picture. Yea, Lisa Diadoni`s testimony was a treasure chest of gold bullion for the defense. Poor Travis can`t defend himself in death, while all that remains is a web of deception weaved as a preamble to his bloody demise!