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Published:February 1st, 2013 15:29 EST
Al Jazeera`s Mohammed Adow Exclusive Access to Mberra Refugee Camp

Al Jazeera`s Mohammed Adow Exclusive Access to Mberra Refugee Camp

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Al Jazeera`s Mohammed Adow has gained exclusive access to the Mberra refugee camp, the largest camp in Mauritania, which has become a home to 55 000 refugees from Mali.
As French-led troops continue to make gains in Mali, tens of thousands of people have fled the country`s north, where the fighting is concentrated, with a large number bound for refugee camps in neighbouring Mauritania.
Northern Malian Tuaregs and Arabs are escaping the Mali crisis, which erupted in the chaotic aftermath of a military coup. The numbers are increasing: according to the UN Refugees Agency, an average of 800 people are arriving on a daily basis.
Reporting from the Mberra camp, Adow highlighted the possible humanitarian disaster that could unfold.  The rapidly increasing number of refugees is a challenge for the few aid agencies here. They say they urgently need help to provide accommodation and food for all the refugees.
Malian refugees told Al Jazeera that they fear they were targeted by Malian forces because of their race and ethnicity.
Sidi Ahmed Ag said,  We know the Malian Army; we have a lot of experience with them from previous years. We know the Malian Army doesn`t do anything but kill unarmed people and they target people based on their skin colour and ethnic group - they don`t target them based on whether or not they`re carrying a weapon, or because they`re in any armed group. 
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