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Published:February 1st, 2013 08:15 EST
Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse Executed in Court Parking Lot!

Kaufman County Assistant District Attorney Mark Hasse Executed in Court Parking Lot!

By John G. Kays

Who were the two masked gunmen dressed in black (one possibly wearing a tactical vest) who executed Kaufman County assistant district attorney Mark Hasse in the courthouse parking lot (around 9 AM 1/31/2013)? Who was behind the obviously targeted shooting of Mark Hasse? He had worked for many years as a prosecutor for Dallas County, putting bad guys behind bars, so maybe there`s a connection there. Hasse worked in the organized crime division; this is a good lead source.

Or could Hasse`s execution-style shooting (he was shot 5 times) be related to more recent cases he was working in Kaufman County? Kaufman is 35 miles east of Dallas and has only 7,000 people living there. Yet the Kaufman County District Attorney`s Office had been working with Dallas County on some important Aryan Brotherhood prosecutions. Yesterday rumors were flying wildly that the Aryan Brotherhood may have been behind the shooting.

However, The Dallas Morning News reported Mark Hasse hadn`t been one of the 13 attorneys in Kaufman who`d been working the Aryan Brotherhood files. District Attorney Mike McLelland pointed out (to the DMN) that these attorneys will have nearly 400 files they are working, so this leaves the pool of potential suspects as very enormous indeed! The message I am reading, is that if you put bad guys behind bars, there may be deadly consequences, if these criminals still are wielding power on the outside (as they say on the inside).

Not that the public or law enforcement should or will cower, yet it`s cause for concern. The shooters were well organized, cold and ruthless hitmen, who obviously had this planned out meticulously, and knew exactly where Hasse parked everyday. We`re even hearing some surveillance cameras on an adjacent building didn`t quite project over to this court employee parking lot. Did the culpable parties case out this significant data before hand? No retrievable film would become available to investigators?

Had they planned it out this well? There were eyewitnesses, however. A secretary in the courthouse heard the shots and saw a silver Taurus fleeing the scene. One wonders whether this silver Taurus was stolen? One couldn`t imagine these killers using one of their own vehicles, I have to assert! Let`s see if they can find this Taurus? Another odd item, is that it leaked out somehow that an arrest had been made. This was wrong! One wonders how such a big mistake could have been made.

Naturally, there was lockdown in the building surrounding the courthouse parking lot. It`s reasonable that authorities were paranoid the shooting might resume.  Another reason for securing the crime scene, is that were some eyewitnesses who actually saw the shooting. As for how many there were or how much they actually saw, I can`t say; no news source has reported these important particulars, as far as I know. What a shock to see this!

The Dallas Morning News has a real time log of the riveting Kaufman shooting (of a seasoned, well-liked prosecutor, Mark Hasse), which I`ll link for you here. I thought this type of scenario only happened in the movies or in crime fiction pulp books, but no, I was wrong! Police will be digging through the old files of Hasse, searching for who had the biggest motive to eliminate him. It sounds like they have their work cut out for them; I`d like to get a gander at the files myself.