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Published:February 3rd, 2013 10:34 EST

Study: On Average Sex Lasts 6 Minutes And Burns 21 Calories

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sex takes, on average, 6 minutes and few calories are expended -- nothing close to the 100 to 300 calories often cited, U.S. researchers say.

An article published in the New England Journal of Medicine refuted several obesity myths including assertions such as sex uses about 100 to 300 calories.


A man in his early-to-mid-30s might expend approximately 21 calories during sexual intercourse."


Most guys are thinking: You mean I`ve only been burning a couple of calories during my lovemaking?

Losing weight isn`t the primary motivation for having sex, but with all that moaning and groaning that goes on, I would think you would burn up at least a couple of hundred calories.

The average dude expends more calories chasing a woman, than he does in knocking boots with her when he finally gets lucky.

The hell with losing weight and enjoying sex, I think I`m going to have a Double Whopper and Supersized fries for lunch.

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