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Published:February 4th, 2013 14:21 EST

Facebook Lurkers Suffer from Envy

By John Pustelnik

A recent study has found that Facebook lurkers, compared to people who actively participate on the site, are more likely to suffer from Facebook envy.

A lurker on Facebook is defined as someone who views status messages, pictures, etc., on Facebook but does not comment or "like" them.


The envy can become hazardous to a person`s health.

The more lurking a person does, the more likely they are to not be satisfied with their life.

The most common source of envy comes from viewing other peoples posts about travel and leisure. Seeing other peoples happiness is also a source of envy.

However, the study does not say that lurking is what causes the envy. The study only points out that lurkers are more likely to suffer from Facebook envy than others.