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Published:February 4th, 2013 10:55 EST

Video: Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial Grosses Out America

By Robert Paul Reyes

One of the most talked about Super Bowl ads was the Go Daddy abomination featuring supermodel Bar Refaeli and geeky character actor Jesse Heiman.

It reportedly took 45 takes to film this commercial, and I`m guessing that it was the Super Geek who requested all those takes.


To add to the yuck factor of this commercial the sound was enhanced to allow you to clearly hear the slurpy sounds of this unlikely pair locking lips.

America always pulls for the underdog, but when the underdog is a grossly obese geek with a red blotchy face, we are pulling for him to be incinerated by lightning.

We aren`t at all thrilled that a nerd hit the jackpot and got paid to engage in an interminably long kiss with a model for a commercial.

I can`t even imagine what a baby born to this couple would look like, actually I can:

The baby would have a full head of pubic-like hair, his face would be wrinkled, red, and blotchy, and he would be counting his fingers as he was pulled from the womb. Oh, but the baby would look so fierce, because it would be dressed by the supermodel mother.

Thanks Go Daddy for grossing out America!

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