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Published:February 5th, 2013 13:51 EST

Acting Legend Robert Redford Boots Pop Tart Paris Hilton From Sundance

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Robert Redford booted Paris Hilton from the Sundance Film Festival when he found out she was at the Utah event with her 21-year-old boyfriend River Viiperi.

The film legend, who founded the independent festival, was furious because Hilton didn`t have anything to do with the films they were showing, the Daily Express reported. "


Deccan Chronicle

Not all the news is doom and gloom, here`s a story that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Robert Redford is older than dirt, and he may have lost his hair, hearing, and teeth, but thank goodness he hasn`t lost his balls.

Redford booted the pop tart and her boy toy from the Sundance Film Festival. Hilton should be booted from every film festival, and every ceremony that honors acting excellence. In fact, Hilton should be booted from movie theaters; she`s anathema to film lovers everywhere.

I can`t believe that clubs actually pay Hilton to make an appearance, if common sense ruled the socialite would be paid not to leave her mansion.

Thank you Robert Redford for taking a stand against evil!

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