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Published:February 5th, 2013 13:22 EST

Miracle: Florida Dude Finds Beer Case With Image Of Jesus!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida man who picked up a portion of a beer case because it was fish-shaped said he flipped it over and saw the image of Jesus.

Fred Truluck of Bradenton said he picked up the piece of cardboard from a Corona beer case while walking with his dog because of the religious symbolism of the fish, WWSB-TV, Sarasota, reported Monday."


Early Christians used a fish symbol to identify themselves, and they also had a penchant for drinking wine.

Truluck`s incident has a New Testament flavor, and I wouldn`t be surprised if he becomes a televangelist or a bar owner.

Incidents of people discovering an image of Jesus on a slice of toast or on a window are a dime a dozen, but an image of Jesus on a carton of beer, I`ll drink to that!

Truluck is a devout Christian and he plans on framing the image, and one day passing it down to his children.

LOL, I wouldn`t be surprised if his children sell the darn thing on eBay.

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