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Published:February 6th, 2013 12:17 EST

Video: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Is Way Too Fat To Be President

By Robert Paul Reyes

The other night New Jersey Governor Chris Christie cracked fat jokes at his expense with David Letterman, but his obscenely corpulent figure is no laughing matter.

If Christie can`t control his appetite, one wonders what else he can`t control. I wouldn`t trust Christie around a box of chocolates, and I wouldn`t trust him around a cute intern either.


Christie`s humongous weight effectively disqualifies him from the presidency. Christie is one Big Mac away from a heart attack, and one donut away from a stroke. It would be patently ridiculous for Christie to spend a billion bucks to win the presidency for a term that might last only a few months before he died from weight-related issues.

There`s an obesity epidemic in America, and the last thing our children need to see on TV is a politician who is not just fat, but cringe-inducing fat.

Christie should forget about running for president, and concentrate on running around the track until he loses about 300 pounds.

I give credit to Christie for admitting that his weight makes him fair game, so for those of you who think I`m being too mean: Go stuff your face in a pie.

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