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Published:February 7th, 2013 12:08 EST

Video: Black Parents Sue Disneyland, Claim White Rabbit Refused To Hug Their Kids

By Robert Paul Reyes

"An African American family sued Disneyland after the actor who portrayed the White Rabbit character from `Alice in Wonderland`   allegedly refused to hug or touch their children because of their skin color.


Jason and Annelia Black of San Diego County said the person in the rabbit costume also acted impatiently as their young kids posed for a picture at the Anaheim theme park."


I`ve think I`ve just fallen down the rabbit hole, current events news items keep getting curiouser and curiouser.

Here we have the case of an African American family with the surname Black " claiming that the White Rabbit character from Alice in Wonderland " refused to hug or touch their children.

This incident isn`t as black and white as it seems, maybe the actor who portrayed the White Rabbit didn`t want to hug the children because they were brats.

The Blacks said they were offered VIP passes and $500, but they turned down both gifts, and instead sued the Happiest Place on Earth.

Our legal system is getting clogged up with nuisance lawsuits, these  money-hungry parents needs to be shrunk and flushed down the toilet.

America isn`t a post-racial society and there are many legitimate incidents of racial discrimination, but cases like this make a mockery of all claims of racial discrimination.

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