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Published:February 8th, 2013 07:59 EST
Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Mesmerizes Los Angeles with a REAL FEAR!

Cop Killer Christopher Dorner Mesmerizes Los Angeles with a REAL FEAR!

By John G. Kays

How scary is it when an ex-cop (Christopher Jordan Dorner) turns into a cop killer? The levels of apprehension amongst any police officers in the Southern California area are as high as they possibly can be!

News footage shows officers twirling rifles around 360, on the lookout for Dorner, who wants to kill them, if he can. The clearest manifestation of the paranoia amongst the LAPD is when they shot at a blue truck in Torrance, thinking it was Dorner`s truck, but it turned out to be some paperboys.

Had one of these innocent citizens been killed, the LAPD would have been in a world of hurt, most difficult to reverse. I suspect this is exactly the kind of pain intended, a side effect of Dorner`s terrorist campaign, which has been actively waged for about a week now. 

The real concern on the part of the LAPD, is that at one time, they were the ones who trained Christopher Dorner, who served as a police officer in 2007 and 2008.

What`s most odd to me, however, is at the same time as when Dorner became a police officer, he was serving in the Navy, even leaving for a 13-month deployment in 2006, after having barely graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy. This doesn`t make any sense to me, yet, apparently, it`s allowed! Couldn`t the two types of training be at cross-purpose? 

And what about the levels of stress imposed on an individual, at war in Iraq (in one moment), then the next at war in the streets of LA? My impression, is this would cause anyone to crack, which is exactly what happened to Christopher Jordan Dorner (we now realize, after the fact)! 

Well, the immediate catalyst was his termination from the LAPD in 2008. This must have festered, becoming a horrific psychological cancer, with Dorner being as narcissistic and self-righteous as he is. Yet why didn`t anybody notice his tumbling metamorphosis into insanity?

I`ve read his spooky, rambling Manifesto, once in its entirety and specific passages many times over, since they`ve been quoted repeatedly in all major news coverage. LA is frozen ice solid in lockdown! 

The Manifesto is a frightening document of the highest caliber; this man will kill until he`s shot dead, like a mad dog that he is. Three dead already, one wounded; LA riveted with fear, fully warranted! A man trained to kill by two different institutions. This is exactly what he`s doing!

That thought unto itself is as frightening (to me) as it possibly can be! And Dorner saying he`ll clear his name by killing LAPD officers is a really hard concept to rap your mind around. To me, it`s a pinnacle of pure insanity! I don`t even care to think on it. 

Another incongruous element, that leaves a bad taste in your mouth, is that it may be possible that Dorner`s partner back in 2008 did strike that mentally ill man? In any case, this is what got him fired and it`s the immediate cause of his fluctuation into insanity.

I would add to this, the fact that Dorner was maxing himself out, putting himself under unnecessary duress, serving as both a police officer and in a military combat situation. Come on, he`s not Superman! 

He was made a hero; got an Iraqi Campaign Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Rifle Marksman Ribbon, and the Pistol Expert Medal. Well, maybe he was Superman after all? Then he returns to LA and is terminated; this is what made him snap (I`ll opine).