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Published:February 11th, 2013 16:07 EST

Neighborhood Leaders Nix Robert Tatum's Chimp Wearing Bikini Top Mural

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Texas artist whose proposed mural featuring a chimp dressed like a hula dancer was rejected said neighborhood leaders preferred a bird in a German hat.

Robert Tatum`s original design featured a chimp in a bikini top and grass skirt with "Tibetan dream clouds` coming from its open head. He said neighborhood leaders were concerned the mural could be seen as culturally insensitive."



These neighborhood leaders are birdbrains for choosing a bird wearing a hat over a chimp in a bikini top and a grass skirt.

Monkeys and chimps are synonymous with fun while birds, even ones donning a hat, only bring bird droppings to mind.

I`d like to write "Politically-Correct Tomfoolery" on a baseball bat and then proceed to bat the living hell out of the chimp-hating neighborhood leaders. I seriously doubt that Tibetans would take exception to the chimp mural, and how many people of Tibetan descent are in Texas anyway?

Why does the bird have to wear a freaking German hat? Why not a Texas Rangers baseball cap?

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