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Published:February 11th, 2013 15:00 EST

Video! Meet Caffrey The Two-Legged Cat! An Inspiring Story!

By Robert Paul Reyes

There are many irresponsible people who abandon or euthanize their loyal pet companions when they grow old or sick, but Sue Greaves refused to put down her Persian when he lost a leg over a decade ago when he was struck by a car. Recently Caffrey lost another leg, when it had to be amputated due to a malignant growth.


Greaves has spent about $10,000 for both surgeries, that`s enough for a diamond ring or a down payment on a new car. But a kitty cat, even one with only two legs, will give you a lot more pleasure and love than any material object.

I admit that if my cat lost two legs in an accident, mercy and compassion would compel me to put my friend to sleep.

But Greaves` compassion and Caffrey`s indomitable will have amazed veterinarians and pet lovers all over the world. Caffrey gets along just fine on two legs, watch him run and play in this inspiring video.

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